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Add new datasets

You can click the + sign at the top right of the page to add data to your account.

There are two ways to upload data:

  1. Select file: upload a file from your computer. You can select more than one file and upload them all at once.
  2. Connect with an external platform: synchronize with an external platform. Click on the icons to automatically retrieve data from your account on the selected platforms.

You can add tags to a dataset when you upload it. Click the Edit Metadata button, type the tag name in the text box and press space/enter to add the tag.

Tags help you to find datasets and improve the organization of your profile!

Add datasets with multiple files

Some datasets consist of several files. This can happen, for example, if your heart rate and tracking data are in separate files.

If you want to upload multiple files as one dataset, then enable the Upload dataset that consists of multiple files toggle.

After you have selected all the files you want to upload, click Save datasets to upload the dataset with multiple files.

SDV recognizes single datasets with multiple files. These are at the top of the Select file button when you have Upload dataset that consists of multiple files enabled. Click the sport icon if the data you are uploading is for a particular sport so that SDV knows how to parse the files correctly.

Note: for now, saving a dataset with multiple files only works for the sports that you can select. Is your sport not listed? Then you can choose to zip the files first and upload the zip file. However, this zip file is not recognized and seen as an unstructured data file.